• The Time To Live And The Time To Die
  • Year of Production: 1985
  • Director: Hsiao-Hsien HOU
  • Casting: Ann-Suan YIU、Shu-Fan SIN、Fon TAN、Fun MAI
  • Synopsis Grandma called him Ah-ha-gu. She believed that he was destined to become a big official, so she was always especially good to him. Ah-ha had an elder brother who weighed 39 kilos and didn’t have to do military service. He also had a younger brother who held a raw egg in his palm while he practiced calligraphy, another younger brother, and a smart, pretty elder sister. Yet he never seemed to understand matters of life and death. To him, the consequences of the August 23 War with Communist China were that he no longer had any apples to eat. His days passed by helping the puny red ants defeat menacing black ants, and then aiding them in moving bread arumbs into their hole. During his high school years, his sister got married. He got involved with gangs, and always fighting. He had a crush on a girl in the neighborhood, and for the first time started looking at himself in mirrors. One night, just as he was sharpening his knife in preparation for a big fight, his mother died. In the full bloom of summer, Ah-ha remembers his youth.

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