• Cop Abula
  • Year of Production: 1999
  • Director: Khan LEE
  • Casting: Blacky KO、Lily-YU、Chen-Nan TSAI、Jeff CHEN、Chung-Kun HUANG
  • Synopsis In the criminal cases department of a police station somewhere in Taipei is Abula, a department head straight as an arrow and enemy of all who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. His rebellious teenage son, Ali, is constantly at odds with him. Abula falls in love with Ching, a pregnant, unwed illegal immigrant caught by the authorities trying to enter Taiwan. She has her baby, and although Ching herself is repatriated to China, Abula helps her to find adoptive parents for the child. Meanwhile, Ali’s girlfriend is beaten and raped by triad members. In a rage, Ali goes out seeking revenge but barely escapes with his life, rescued by one of Abula’s colleagues. Faced with the triads’ arrogance in the face of the law and the loss of Ching, Abula decides that the only way to uphold truth and justice is to fight evil with evil, violence with violence. As a result, a final bloody battle is about to take place…

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