• In Between
  • Year of Production: 1993
  • Director: Liang-Jun CHAO、Fan YANG、Sylvia CHANG
  • Casting: Chang MAGGIE、Chang SILVIA、Chi-Long WU、Winston CHAO
  • Synopsis Three modern youngsters living together created their own romance, with events intercalating one another, through which the youngsters found their own answer to love while experiencing the highs and lows of living together. “Lonely Heart Club” by YONFAN Young stockbroker Kam Shing Mo met Sylvia Cheung, a pretty yet mysterious lady through the phone service “Lonely Heart Club”. They came through the experience of living together, facing the conflict between love and sex. “Single Mother” by SYLVIA CHEUNG Maggie Cheung was standing on the crossroad of love, while also found herself pregnant without knowing who the father was: was he the one she was living with, or the guy she met just? And as her belly became bigger, Maggie gradually found her answer. “Star Hunter” by SAMSON CHIU Stylist Lam Hoi Fung believed in the notion “Don’t give up the whole sky for one star”. So he was fooling around with girls without any commitment, until he met the most beautiful star in his whole life, Ng Sien Lin. And this time he got to make a choice between the sky and a star!

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