• This Love Of Mine
  • Year of Production: 1986
  • Director: Yi CHANG
  • Casting: Huey-Shian YANG、Shya-Jiun WANG
  • Synopsis Wei Liang has married nine years, has a son and a daughter, and her husband Wei Yeh conducts the business of curios & furniture ornaments, and they live happily. In order to own such happiness, she worries about everything which may endanger the whole family, but only one thing she forgets to worry is the love of her husband to her. One day Wei Liang’s childhood playmate An Ping she has not met for many years suddenly appears, which brings about a cruel fact—Wei Yeh has extra-marital affairs, and the object is just An Ping’s younger sister An Ling, young, beautiful, wholeheartedly intending to become a dancing star, with a charming body. Wei Liang is determined to find An Ling for negotiation, and in the negotiation, An Ling expresses unwillingness to give up Wei Yeh, so Wei Liang angrily leaves home. But her mother’s home cannot accept her, so she goes to find An Ping to play cards, drink wine to relieve worry, but she cannot adapt to such dissolute life without purpose, and Wei Liang discovers herself having lost the power of adaptation for many years to the outside world except her husband and children, even the ability of earning a living. Finally she has no way to go, and she has only to return home. Wei Liang tries her best to restore her bushand’s general situation, and under unbearable circumstances, she again finds An Ling for negotiation, and as a result she only receives disgrace. One afternoon, Wei Liang brings her children to the store, finding Wei Yeh is not in, and she intuitively rushes to An Ling’s dancing society. Consequently she opens the door of the rest room, just seeing Wei Yeh lying in the bosom of sing inseparably who has attempted to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. Wei Liang knows she can never call back her husband’s heart. One evening, she puts some sedatives into the juice, and let her husband, children, and herself drink, and when the whole family are in deep slumber, Wei Liang pulls broken the gas pipe in the kitchen. In a coma, she only hears the gas bound of “Hsi Hsi”, and in her brain, the past story is tumultuous scene by scene.

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