• Cotton Fleece
  • Year of Production: 2000
  • Director: You-Chyau LEE
  • Casting: Yio-Peng SU、Zong-HUA TUO、Jing NING
  • Synopsis Synopsis This story takes place in a small cotton village in China during the chaotic Cultural Revolution, sometime in the ‘50s. A young village boy, MA Cheng Gong (played by SU Yio peng), is mesmerized by the charms of FANG Bi Yu (played by NING Jing), an older sister figure to him and his co-worker. Because she is engaged to the son of the head of the village, one day FANG has the rare privilege and opportunity to travel to the province’s cotton factory to work. She takes MA with her, and they finally have the chance to get out of this small village. A new life begins for them in the big factory, with many new faces—both friend and foe—and many new tasks. MA is befriended by LEE Zhe Gao (played by TUO Zong-hua), who becomes a big brother figure to him. But when a romance develops between FANG and LEE, MA is stuck in the middle, his innocent mind puzzled and disturbed. For the first time, the young boy experiences the bittersweet taste of love. Passion and lust, wildness and imagination create turmoil in this remote factory. The white cotton fields are no longer so pure and white…

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