• 203
  • Young A-Hsin
  • Year of Production: 1984
  • Director: Mei-Chung CHANG
  • Casting: Jyh-Chyi LII、Mei-Hung HSIAO、Wen-Yun SHE
  • Synopsis Young A-Hsin leaves his small hometown, Luodong, to make it in the big city of Taipei. He rents a place and meets a friend in Peng Da and his sister Mao-Mei. They make their living working together at a restaurant, and meet the young cute and loveable Lien-Hua. They become friends as Mao-Mei and Lien-Hua both become attracted to A-Hsin. At a friend’s wedding, everyone gets drunk, and a fight breaks out another group of youths. In the fight, Peng Da suffers a terrible injury and becomes paralyzed. Because of the fight, A-Hsin descends into a life of crime. The two once-innocent youths face the hardships of life in the city streets.

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