• Reunion
  • Year of Production: 1986
  • Director: I-Cheng KE
  • Casting: Nai-Cgu TING、Yin-Meng HU、Ming HSU
  • Synopsis Director Yi-Cheng Ker is an Avant Guard director of younger generation. Play write Shiao-Ye is a young writer. Actors cast include: Yin Mon Hu, Hsu Ming, Wen Hsai, Ting Nai Chu, Tao Te Chen, Chang Fu Mei, Ger Shiao Pao, etc. These actors were all grown up in the fourties and the story of the film is of the similar time. So it is natural for these actors to express their inner feelings and thus match the feelings of the roles they play. The story depict the happenings of a group of classmates of a primary school in the country side. It also depicted some interesting reminiscences of a dedicated teacher. The first re-union for the alumni gethering after they graduated was held when they were in the first year in the Middle-High School. They come back to the campus to see their dear teacher and some disastrous thing was happened. The second gethering of the class was held when they were all graduated from universities and stepped into the society. There were interluded some emotional changes between the members of the class. And it seemed that everyone was not satisfied with what they have now. At this gethering, they learned that their teacher is now carrying the unfinished work of her husband as a special teacher for the idiots. And when the teacher understand the individual encounterings of these students, she gave each one of them the specific guidance and inspirations. When the members were all reached fourties, they held the third gethering. After some years of endeavour, everyone of them has now some achievements in the field of their own career and this time they meet each other with the teacher to discuss the problems encountered by the teacher in the education of the idiot students. At this meeting, it seemed that everyone of them has some achievements on the face of them. However, there were some misfortunes in their deep hearts. After the gethering, they went back to the campus and wandered in the campus and felt into the reminiscences of the beautiful memeories of their childhood.

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