• Come The Black Dog
  • Year of Production: 2003
  • Director: Yin STAN
  • Casting: Cheng-Nan TSAI、Bin-Huei LEE、Bao TAI、Su-Chin KO、Mei-Siu LIN、Mu-Yi CHEN
  • Synopsis Yung-Ji is a compulsive gambler. His estranged brother, Yung-Li, is a police officer. When Black Dog, a local gang leader, comes to collect money that Yung-ji has borrowed, Yung-Ji tells the gang leader that he cannot repay his debt because his father, who once saved Black Dog’s life, has died. To keep up the charade, Yung-Ji sends his father, who is alive but blind, to hide out with Yung-Li in the South, and makes arrangements for a mock funeral. As the whole charade to convince Black Dog becomes more and more outrageous, Yung-Ji enlists the help of Yung-Li. Yung-Ji’s antics cause great stress to Yung-Li but the farcical situation is a sort of reunion for the two bumbling brothers, who must cooperate to save themselves from Black Dog.

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