• The Digger/The Suona Player
  • Year of Production: 1988
  • Director: Ping HO、Tao-Ming LI
  • Casting: Hsiao-Fen LU、Ta-Hua JEN、Hsiu-Ling LIN、Feng-Sheng HU
  • Synopsis American Kid, Mouthless, Windowman and Red Hair were the ill-fated tour, 3 men and 1 girl, who had suffered from the bitter reality of the society. They then formed a grave digging group to steal money from the dead. American Kid was in charge of the main work, Mouthless and Windowman were the helpers and Red Hair was the gurad in the disguise of a ghost. Once they wanted to make a big deal when they learned that a rich man’s mother had just been buried and millions worth of valuables were buried together. After planning carefully, these four drove to the graveyard in the middle of the night. Opening the coffin they saw the valuables and they put them all in a bucket. American Kid want to look for Red Hair leaving the secne for Mouthless and Windowman to clear. When Red Hair and American kid were compassionately making love on the grass, three cow robbers, being frightened by Red Hair’s disguise as a ghost, came up indignantly and killed American Kid. Mouthless and Windowman came and dragged Red Hair into the car and drove off. Red Hair was sad and Windowman who once had an affair with Red Hair blamed sarcastically and the two tangled in a fight. Mouthless was holding the steering-wheel tight while an on-coming truck was driving near. However, one of the tires exploded and their car rammed into……… “THE SUONA PLAYER “The Late Spring” is mainly designed for the dramatic expression of characters and the rebellion of the leading actress is derived from her longing for love. Chuen Yen was a newly-widowed farm girl and under the old-fashioned social teaching, she was often oppressed by her memory of the old times. Under her mother’s arrangement, she remarried a Mr. Chiang, son of an officer in town. Chuen Yen’s purity and simplicity could not get herself accustomed to the new marriage and she often complained about being neglected. However, her longing for love made her fall in love with a young man who was her neighbor and was about the same age. They planned to run away. In 1916, China was in the transition period of monarchical and constitutional rules. Her husband used his ranking friend’s power to force away the young man and Chuen Yen was, bitterly beaten and locked up. The Mr. Chiang’s family reputation was thus saved without anyone’s knowing. In the dark room Chuen Yen spent 3 months for recovery and gradually accepted the practical life arranged by her mother and her husband. Her rebellious attitude was replaced by her charming appearance. Only unconsciously would Chuen Yen had her rebellion and uneasiness glimmer in her eyes.

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