• 203
  • No Turning Back
  • Year of Production: 1984
  • Director: Suk-Sang CHEUNG
  • Casting: Chun-Hsiung KO、Ming-Ming SU
  • Synopsis Lee Yun-Er is a works at a publishing house. She is single, has been out of school for a while, and is starting to feel pressure form family and friends to get married. But she has a secret. One day while taking the bus, she meets her neighbor who is in the military. Soon, Lee Yun-Er becomes involved with him. Though it is her first relationship, Yun-Er knows her neighbor has a wife and family. She knows their affair is wrong, but can’t seem to break herself away. She has fallen for him and finds herself stuck on an emotional roller coaster, caught between wanting to be whisked away for a wild ride and standing firmly on her own two feet.

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