• 203
  • Oxcart Dowry
  • Year of Production: 1984
  • Director: Mei-Chung CHANG
  • Casting: Hsiao-Feng LU、Cheng-Lei CHEN、Tu Chin
  • Synopsis Villager A-Hao with simple, near-deaf husband Wan-Fa, lives a poor but simple rural life together with their young son, A-Gou. When young strong drifter Lao Jian moves in next door, A-Hao and Lao Jian, and the villagers start to talk. When word gets to Wan Fa, he becomes very angry. He tries to ignore what is happening, but kicks Lao Jian out. While leaving, distressed Wan-Fa runs over the neighbor’s child while driving his ox cart and is sentenced to prison. When he realizes that there will be no one to take care of his wife and child, he reconsiders the situation. In the end, old Wan-Fa and Lao Jian manager to work things out and make an arrangement everyone can live with.

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