• Southbound Swallow
  • Year of Production: 2002
  • Director: Chin-Hua LIEN
  • Casting: Shiang-Chyi CHEN、Jiun-Haur DUAN、Terry KWAN
  • Synopsis Swallow is a girl who comes to Taiwan from mainland of China to get married with a veteran. Soon after she arrived at Taiwan, her husband, Old Shu, suffered from a serious illness. He couldn’t talk or drive a cab to make a living and support this family, so she became the one who had to shoulder all the burdens. She turned their shabby attic into a crude koraoke, and inevitably became a prostitute. There, she encountered a old-time friend of Old Shu. Xiso-Kao is a young cop. He met Swallow through their taking care of street dogs. The two drifters heartedly listened to each other and embraced each other’s loneliness. Swallow was fond of Xiao-Kao, yet feared that too much intimacy would expose the illegal prostitution matter some day. Therefore, she could only stay friends with him. Later, Xiao-Kao went back to his hometown in the eastcoast. Under the hardship of the cruel world, Swallow decided to take Old Shu to China. On the way to the airport, however, Old Shu went into a coma. Swallow had no choice but to send him to the hospital. Everything therefore went back to the same old way. To survive, she had to sing at a local shabby pub. Swallow then accidentally found a tape in which Old Shu and she were having a good time accepting everyone’s blessings at the wedding banquet back in China. Now facing the suffocating and difficult life, all the joy in this video has become something she could never ever find again…

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