• The Personals
  • Year of Production: 1998
  • Director: Kuo-Fu CHEN
  • Casting: Rene LIU、Doze NIU、Chao-Jong CHEN、Yi-Nan SHI
  • Synopsis Jia-Chen Du has placed an ad in the personals seeking a marriage partnen Short, sweet, and to the point. The ad says. “First friendship then marriage. Serious applicants only.” So she places the ad-and what follows is a parade of weirdos from all walks of life. Young, old. Betel-nut-chewing, tie-sporting, women dressed as men, men acting like high schoolers—you name it, they appear on her doorstep. Based on a popular stage play, this comedy takes a close look at the agonizing process of seeking love and what one often ends up finding instead of it.

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