• Kangaroo Man
  • Year of Production: 1994
  • Director: Emily LIU
  • Casting: Hsin-Chi CHIU、Wen-Min CHEN、Mitchll Lichtenstein、Susan Mc Neece
  • Synopsis Michael Lee, a Chinese biologist, lives with his wife Jenny in Los Angeles. They are very much in love and eager to have a child. Unfortunately, Jenny loses her baby and her uterus due to an ectopic pregnancy. In desperation they enlist the help of a surrogate mother agency and interview many candidates. Some of the meetings are hilarious, but most of then are disappointing. Michael is anguished by the physical and emotional pain Jeyyn endures. Frustrated over being unable to help her, Michael gets brilliant idea: why not have the baby himself! Using the knowledge of his own pioneering research, the help of Jenny, his mother and his scientific colleagues, Michael becomes pregnant. During his pregnancy, Michael and Jenny experience role reversal-he has to endure the physical and psychological changes his pregnancy brings, while she becomes the bread-winner of the household. They face these questions: Will their marriage survive this unusual test? Will they encounter unexpected obstacles? Will Michael deliver a baby safely?

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