• So-Called Friends
  • Year of Production: 2000
  • Director: Chin-Hua LIEN
  • Casting: Chiang LIN、Lei HUANG、Feng LIEN
  • Synopsis Synopsis IN TAIWAN, one day in early 1999, a drunken Taiwan youth parks his car on a coastal highway. When he wakes up, he and his car have been abandoned in a small, unknown town in southern China. His car is stolen again and driven to the seaside, and a Benz from Taiwan is left all by itself… “Hsiao Lin” an assistant television cameraman, has come to Beijing from Taiwan to film scenery at the Great Wall. He only smokes Long Life brand cigarettes. He secretly hires a Beijing youth, Hsiao Chou, as his assistant. As a result, he is fired by his Taiwan boss, he loses his Taiwan ID, and he ends up Moving into a rundown but friendly little alley… “Hsiao Chou” only thinks about making money. He is convinced that Hsiao Lin can sell off the antique clocks his grandfather left him in Taiwan. One day, his borrowed Jeep is stolen. Hsiao Chou decides to sell Yukiko, his pigeon, but the pigeon dealer wants the bird to fly from distant Urumuqi in Xinjiang Province all the way back to Beijing… Hsiao Lin and Hsiao Chou drive the old Jeep to the seaside. They stop next to the abandoned Benz, and Hsiao Lin says, “The red cloth on Yukiko’s leg says ‘Go home!” An empty Long Life cigarette box floats in the ocean…

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