• 203 
  • No Turning Back
  • Year of Production: 1989
  • Director: Ao-Xun JIN
  • Casting: Zong-HUA TUO、Shih CHANG
  • Synopsis Lin Ting-pang, Chin Cheng-kuo, Shi Chuan and Luo Chih-cheng join the police academy and become good friends. After graduation, Lin and Chin become police detectives, while Shi and Luo get sent to traffic duty. When a family is found murdered, Lin and Chin find clues leading them to a gangster. In a confrontation, Lin kills the gangster, but later discovers the gangster’s gun had no bullets. Lin is forced to turn in his gun pending further investigation. One day, Lin runs into Shi and Luo and as he leaves, hears gunfire. He turns and sees his friends being shot. Lin watches helplessly as his friends die at the hands of a gangster’s gun. Lin becomes determined to find the gangsters responsible for his friends’ death. In doing so, he can bring the killers to justice and at the same time, regain his honor as a policeman.

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