• Terrorizers
  • Year of Production: 1986
  • Director: Edward YANG
  • Casting: Chian-Ren MIAW、Lih-Chyun LII、Shyh-Jye JUN
  • Synopsis In a pre-dawn manhunt operation, the armed police arrest in a hideout a handful of gunmen, with only one escapee—a hybrid girl by the name of Susan. She, however, suffers born fracture at her leg. While nothing to do at home, Susan makes a practical joke by phoning a woman named Yu-fen, pretending herself to be the girlfriend of Yu-fen’s husband and saying she is already pregnant. This terribly shocks Yufen. In fact, Yu-fen is a smart woman and her husband Li-chung a well disciplined man. He is a hard and successful medical laboratorian. They have had a very harmonious and sweet matrimonial life. With the shock caused by Susan’s phone call, Yu-fen decides to be away from her husband for the time being. Susan, on the other hand, is still wandering aimlessly. By hardwork, Yu-fen writes very popular novels, and wins a grand prize for her novels. She becomes renowned overnight. Still, however, she fails to obtain peace in her mind. Li-chung sometime later became aware that Yu-fen’ shock was caused by just a nonsense phone call. He is determined to find out the culprit girl and he finally gets Susan. After violent drinking, he is so upset that with a pistol, he shoots and kills Susan, her boss and her boyfriend. What a terrible story. Well, all what happened are just the story of Yu-fen’s winning novel instead of a true story. Everything is all right. Nothing has ever happened. Still enjoys a sweet matrimonial life.

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