• That Day,On The Beach
  • Year of Production: 1983
  • Director: Edward YANG
  • Casting: Chang SYLVIA、Yin-Moon HU、Ming SHU、Lian LEE、Shoey MAO
  • Synopsis Lin Chia-li, daughter of the doctor in the village, grew up under strict discipline and tight protection from her childhood. The first shock in her, life was to have seen her affectionate brother, Lin Chia-sen, becoming discouraged because of an unexpected obstruction to his interests and love. When she had graduated from college, her father was still arbitrarily making arrangements for her marriage. Thinking of her brother’s experience, she firmly made the most important choice in her life : She opposed her father’s arrangements, leaving home and soon, married Cheng Te-wei, a boy she knew in her college days, before the justice of the peace. This independent choice, filled with her self-confidence, was much admitted by Ching-ching, the girl friend of her brother in the past, when it was spoken of , several years later. Because, since she was separated from Chia-sen, she had ever been in full hopelessness, and now, though was a famous musician, she was still depressed in the deep part of her heart. Nevertheless, things did not turn out as Ching-ching imagined. The marriage of Chia-li and Te-wei had had, gradually, a considerable chasm after Te-wei achieved success in his career; but Chia-li never dared to face the basic problem. Until one day, at a certain beach occurred a murder, Relies revealed that the dead, probably, was Cheng Te-wei. Therefore, Chia-li was called to the beach by the police. And on the day at the beach, on which the corpse was been searching for. Chia-li looked back for the first time to her environment, her personality and her marriage. Analyzed them by herself. And by the narration of A-tsai, a bosom friend of Te-wei, she found sadly, that in fact, her marriage had already been framed up on an emptiness. That, the dead was Te-wei or not. In truth, had had no meaning to the whole marriage. However, these things have passed for several years. Chia-li, whom Ching-ching is seeing now, is an independent women, filled with courage for survival. Therefore, Ching-ching realized that, it seemed no more important to find out whether the dead at the beach was Te-wei or not. And Chia-sen, her affectionate lover, who impacted on her during her lifetime, as Chia-li said. died of illness two years ago. The things seemed gone away with the beaitless time……


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