• Magic
  • Year of Production: 1983
  • Director: Ming-Tsan WANG
  • Casting: Ti OU、Annie SHIH、Pin-Pin HSIAO、Ta-Shen LIN、Shih CHIN、Chih-Chih MA、Shun-Hsing CHANG
  • Synopsis As an obedient and docile boy, Anchuo is solidly tied up whole day by the schedules of learning arranged by his expectant parents. The only recess he can find is late in the night to indulge himself in his hobby of watching stars through a telescope, thus making the acquantance of a kiddie from the outer space. They eventually become intimate friends. While people envy Anchuo his wealth, he admires those children who enjoy themselves in cycling and organizes a racing team named “Magic BMX”. Anchuo manages to join the team and they practice cycling together every day. But another team of imperious boys keep molesting them, in an attempt to drive them off the playground. Finally the two teams decide to fight a duel of racing. With the magic power of the kiddie from the outer space, Anchuo and the courageous boys of Magic BMX are in for the most thrilling and neck-breaking experiences in their vying for the grand prix.


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