• Growing Up
  • Year of Production: 1993
  • Director: Kwen-Hou CHENG
  • Casting: Chun-Fong CHENG、Fu-Hsen TSUE、Li-So YU、Cheng-Tse NEO、Chwan-Wen CHENG、Cheng-Kuo YEN
  • Synopsis She, a young mother, who pays the price for her love to her son named Trogar Pi, who lost his father. The boy is a mixture of justice and evil, of love and hate. Everyone did something wrong and foolish when he was young, but only Pis mother is humble enough to sacrifice her whole life for them. Can we say she is a brave woman in the other way? He, an old and tired father, who married this woman and accepted her boy. He can’t give them anything but love and a peaceful home. The father did nothing wrong, but he had to pay the frice for his love also. There is always something you must face in your life, and maybe this is the story you will identify with.


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