• In Our Time
  • Year of Production: 1982
  • Director: Tao JIM、Edward YANG、Yi-Chen KE、Yi CHANG
  • Casting: Chang SYLVIA、Li-Chun LEE、Kuo-hsiu LEE、Ying-Chen CHANG、An-Ni SHIH、Seng Wen LAN
  • Synopsis For humankind, the elapsing of time means striving with vicissitudes of life to weather through – joys of growing up, inextricable bitterness derived from perceiving advancement of age, the dream cherished and the solitude borne in childhood, ardent expectations of a lass and her despondency, vigor and zealousness of youth, life of grown-ups thrown into a muddle and indulged in reminiscence. Four stories respectively directed by four potential and promising young film artists are perfectly combined and integrated into a consistent plot.
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