• Bad Girl Trilogy
  • Year of Production: 1998
  • Director: Yao-Ting WEN、Jing-Jie LIN、Hsiao-Wei CHAN
  • Casting: Rui-Jun FANG、Tsan-Te TSAI、Chi-Yao CHANG、Jin-Wen JIA、Pei-Wen HUANG、Han-Liang CHONG
  • Synopsis I. ”Queen of the Bench” A bit player with more enthusiasm than roles, Li Li has been anticipating her big break for years now. One day that big bread comes-but she quickly learns that You have to watch out what you ask for, Because sometimes you just might get it… II. “My Own Personal Gun” Ah-Tsai is a sixteen-year-old rebel with a risk-taking streak. As a prank, she drugs a novice cop and steals his gun, Sending him on a wild goose chase for his weapon. Gleefully hooked on her dangerous new plaything, She waits for her little game to end. III. “A Dog from Hong Kong” Ah-Liang’s only friend is a little white dog, One day it gets lost and the two girls who find it dye it brown as a practical joke, As a result, Ah-Liang doesn’t recognize it as his own, but when the dye starts to wash out, this little joke among friends takes an unexpected turn.
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