• Kendo Kinds
  • Year of Production: 1983
  • Director: Yi CHANG
  • Casting: Li TIEN、Kuan-Chun HO、Ting YO
  • Synopsis This is a legendary film about a developing harbor city and the youngsters who are growing up. Metz is the leader of his partners and Sunny is a girl who lores sunshine and freedom. He likes her very much but never shows his feeling. One day, a sailor kid appears and bluffs for all the things he did. Metz is frustrated to see other boys turn their attention to this to learn Kendo and gradually realized the spirit to this sport. One night Sunny is raped by those mean boys, and the Kendo kids start their revenge action beating them up. Tin is arrested for he can’t represent the law. When this incident is over, Sunny and Tin leave the city forever. Metz builds up his confidence again and starts his new life.


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