• The Sandwich Man
  • Year of Production: 1983
  • Director: Hsiao-Hsien HO、Jen WAN、Jong-Cheung Tseng
  • Casting: Bo-Jeng CHEN、Li-Ying YANG、Shen-Li JO、Sha CHIANG、Ding KING、Chi CHAN
  • Synopsis This episodic film is adapted from novelist Tzen-Ming Hwan’s three short stories: “A Taste of Apple”, “The Sandwich Man”, and “Vicki’s Hat”. In the miserable years, several downbeat characters fight and struggle for their lives. The film depicts, sympathetically, their self-depreciation and self-respect, laugh and tears, and hope and despair Most importantly, the film shows the heartsore and ignorance of the developing country people when facing the foreign civilization intrution.


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