• Return Of The Electric Love
  • Year of Production: 1982
  • Director: Tuen-Ping YANG
  • Casting: Kuo-Chu CHANG、Ting-Hwan WANG
  • Synopsis Bitterness of frustration and joy of success in the keen competition of business world is more often than not causing ambitious young men and women to lose themselves. Fortunately, the silent majority of dedicated workers of all ranks and classes stabilize and harmonize the society. The aggressive director of planning of an advertising company has finally done well in producing a TV program with help from his girlfriend Hsu Ying-Hsia acting as hostess of the program. The program is so successful that Ying-Hsia, computer operater as her regular profession, loses herself in flatteries and popularity. Thanks to the inspirations of Kuo, her father and the silent majority in this society, Ying-Hsia returns where she belongs in and to before getting drowned in the troubled waters of the show business.
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